Aftersales Service

Aftersales Service

The Service Center has branches in Baghdad and Basra. Its tasks include conducting maintenance to heavy machinery. Customers can contact the center to have their machines fixed; if the machine has major faults, a team from Al Ghodwa Service Center brings in the machine to be fixed but if the fault is minor, different arrangements are made like sending a team to fix the issue at site or having the customer wait until the team visits the area for another purpose pass by him or her to check on the issue.

Customers get a one-year warranty on their heavy machinery and a two-year one for their generators. If the warranty is still active, customers will have their machines fixed at the center free of charge, but customers with no warranty have to pay in order to fix their machinery.

The Service Center has mobile workshops comprised of around 10 equipped vehicles, five cranes and a vehicle mover, which are used to fix machines on site or to bring machines into the center.

The center provides top notch quality services throughout Iraq and its maintenance cadres are trained abroad. The cadres consist of teams of two to four people, usually an engineer and two technicians.

The Service Center provides pre-delivery inspection to all machines to ensure they function 100% properly before they are delivered to customers; even new machines on rare occasions face manufacturing errors that affect the machine, which is why Al Ghodwa implements the pre-delivery inspection.


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