Management and Team

Meet Our Team

Sabah Ghaidan

CEO of the Group

Sabah was appointed as the CEO of Al Ghodwa Group since 2008 and he has a BSc in Civil Engineering from Baghdad University, in addition to several memberships in several unions including the Engineers, Contractors and Iraqi Industrial unions, and a membership in the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce. Since the 1980s, Saba worked as a general manager at Al Ghodwa, and he was appointed in 2015 as Deputy President of the Iraqi Businessmen Council, which he still occupies until now. During his line of work for over 35 years, Sabah was able to complete a myriad of projects in the fields of agriculture, water purification, sewage systems, construction and manufacturing, in addition to projects in military fields. Sabah's projects helped the Iraqi economy to rise in most of its sectors and helped Sabah himself to glean so much experience, through which he can surely lead Al Ghodwa forward from all aspects as he also delivers his expertise to the upcoming generation.

Haidar Sabah

Executive Director

Haider was appointed as Executive Director of Al Ghodwa Group since 2009 although he started working at the company since 2003 as sales manager. He obtained his BSc in Architectural Engineering from Baghdad University but immediately went into the business field when he started working at Al Ghodwa. Haider's hard-work and future visions drove him to develop his own personal skills and his line of work as he attended numerous workshops on sales strategies, after sale services, quality control, production lines and machinery, in addition to many others, at the British company JCB, the Swedish HIAB, British Massey Ferguson. He received many certificates and awards of excellence from the said companies for his endeavors to learn everything new in order to develop and improve business at Al Ghodwa. Haider always makes sure to develop his professional relations and to create a comfortable working environment at the company.

Khalid S. Issa

Managing Director

Khalid was appointed as Director of Al Ghodwa Group since 2004 but started working at it since 1998 at the services department and as sales manager in 2003. He obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Baghdad University and started working at Al Ghodwa immediately after graduation, entering the business field with great experience in preparing bidding documents and paperwork. Khalid attended many workshops at JCB in the UK, Massey Ferguson's branches in the UK, France and Brazil and at Linde in Germany. Through the workshops, Khalid improved his skills in the field of agricultural and construction machinery, sales, after sales services, sales of spare parts, production lines and specialized training about various kinds of machines. Khalid works relentlessly to improve work at Al Ghodwa in order to increase productivity while maintaining a comfortable working environment for the company's employees.

Saad I. Jasim

Sales Director

Saad work as at Al Ghodwa as a Products Manager for JCB and Linde and he started work at the company since 2002 as a machine sales manager and then as a spare parts manager before reaching his current position. He obtained a BSc Degree in Geology and an MSc in Hydrogeology from the University of Baghdad and in 2003 he published his own scientific research named "Environmental characteristics of the infiltrated water within Al-Dura Area, Baghdad City, Iraq." Saad received various training at workshops held in Dubai by Al Ghodwa and from the JCB agency in the UK, Dubai, Lebanon and Jordan, covering the fields of sales, services and products, in addition to attending various sales conferences held by JCB and Linde in the UK, India and Dubai.


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